Meet the Latte Princess

Every year we say we are going to try new things, and in 2017, I decided I was actually going to do it.  I created this blog while waiting in a virtual line for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale in January 2017, and I’ve kept up with it ever since.

My name is Aryssa and I’ve told myself I was going to start a book blog for probably the past five years. I’m senior in college studying English and I non-figuratively spend my life reading. I never DON’T have a book on me, and yes, this includes on dates to fancy restaurants, movie theaters, and at church.  I’ve also always been a writer, and I’m actually a pretty frequent writer for a blog for young women, There, I often write about books and offer reading recommendations, and I constantly have readers coming to be asking for suggestions on books or asking me to write a certain review or even make reading challenges! So, I’ve decided to step up to the plate.

As I am an English major, I will be writing mostly about fiction books. I love reading recent releases, but I also read a lot of classics and little known gems during my coursework.  I love reading recent YA releases, historical fiction, anything set at a boarding school, and dystopian novels featuring royalty. Call me something of a princess.

My writing here will be a mix of recommendations, lists, reviews, rants, and ravings, but I’ll try and make it light-hearted and fun. It’s hard to be a voracious reader for “fun” at a school like mine, but I somehow make it work. This is my place to talk about it.

In the meantime, also check out my BOOKSTAGRAM @LattesnLiterature. I’ll be posting there regularly as well!

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